So what you're saying is that my old Beauty and the Beast VHS that's been watched at least 500 times could be worth major moolah?

I don't even own a VCR, but I sure did save all of my favorite old school VHS tapes, and now I'm really glad I did! Some old video tapes are going for a lot of money on eBay, and I'm not just talking about a couple hundred bucks either.

According to, some VHS tapes could be worth thousands of dollars. Yeah, I know, you're freaking out a little because you totally kept some of your VHS tapes too, and now you can't wait to get home and see what they're worth. So, to help you get a better idea of what some tapes are worth, check out AOL's photo gallery stocked with eBay postings of some of the most coveted old school videos.

I'll give you a heads up though, if you have the Black Diamond Edition Beauty and the Beast, get ready to do a happy dance. According to eBay, the rare VHS is worth almost $10,000!

Yeah, I just peed a little. I definitely have Beauty and the Beast on VHS. Is it the black diamond edition? I have no clue. But I will be digging through all of my tapes as soon as I get home and, believe me, you'll know if I have that $10,000 VHS.

Even if you don't have that fancy Beauty and the Beast, you might have one of the other videos that are worth some cash, like The Nightmare Before Christmas VHS, which is going for $700, or the Star Wars trilogy, which could put $1,150 in your pocket. Not too shabby!