Struck up a conversation with a friend of mine last night. He asked me if I had the opportunity to stay 30 minutes in a haunted house, would I? I gave it some thought and said yes. The place of interest was the LaLaurie Mansion.

I first heard about the LaLaurie Mansion last month while visiting New Orleans for my birthday. It was one of the feature spooky houses showcased on a haunted tour.

What would I accomplish by doing this? It's on my bucket list! (No pun intended)

If you had an opportunity to spend the night inside a haunted house, would you?

Hallie Moore Only if it's haunted by peaceful spirits! Haha

Michelle Landry Melton A night off from work and I get paid to sleep? Yes, in a heartbeat. I'm so tired that I doubt the ghosts could wake me up, lol

Christy Godeaux Am I alone or can I bring a friend??? Or twelve...lmbo

Monica Schexnider Not for all the money in the world!!

Melanie Burleson Only if I didn't have to sleep !!!! Bring on the caffeine.

Jody Farnum The Cresent Hotel, Eureka Springs Ark. #1 haunted hotel. Awesome place to go with much haunted history.

Tammy Barrios Yes, I can never get my family to go with me they are toooo scared.

Kelsey Lavergne In a HEARTBEAT!