This wrasslin fan and his buddies will have his eyes locked on the latest PPV from the WWE today! Tonight the WWE Network presents the Elimination Chamber.

Tonight's Elimination Chamber match will have the top five contenders for the WWE Intercontinental Championship face off for the title. The championship was recently vacated by Daniel Bryan due to injuries.


The competitors are Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Rusev, Ryback, King Barrett, and R-Truth.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Seth Rollins defends again Dean Ambrose. What will the Authority have up their sleeves for the lunatic fringe?


And U.S. Champ John Cena faces current NXT titleholder Kevin Owen in a one on one matchup.

Don't miss any of the action this Sunday as the WWE Network presents the Elimination Chamber starting at 7 p.m.. Only available on the WWE Network.