(Lake Charles, Louisiana) - In an announcement that had music enthusiasts and lovers of freebies equally excited, the Arts & Humanities Council has unveiled the lineup for the 2024 edition of "Live at the Lakefront." This event, which has firmly established itself as the social equivalent of finding a twenty-dollar bill in an old pair of jeans, will unfold over three consecutive Fridays in spring: March 22, March 29, and April 5, between the hours when most folks are deciding whether to eat dinner or just snack until bedtime - 5:30 to 10 p.m. And in a move that’s sure to delight cheapskates and music lovers alike, the entire shindig is as free as your neighbor’s WiFi that doesn't have a password.

Live on the Lakefront location:

1111 Bord du Lac Dr, Lake Charles, LA 70601

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Week 1 Lineup (March 22)

The opening week promises to blast off not with a whimper but a bang, as the musical acts scheduled seem to be chosen by someone whose music taste is as diverse as a college freshman's diet. First up, we have Cats & Aliens, a band that presumably answers the age-old question: "What if our pets could jam?" Following this intriguing act is Infinite Bus, which one can only hope doesn’t reflect the band's set length or the time it takes to catch one late at night. The evening’s crescendo comes courtesy of LVVRS. (pronounced "Lovers," because vowels are so last season), headlining with their presumably vowel-less tunes.

Week 2 Lineup (March 29)

Week 2 turns the eclectic dial up to eleven with The Last Hour, a band whose name ominously suggests they might keep playing until the authorities are called. Rome Murray Jr. then takes the stage, hopefully bringing with him the charm and charisma of an empire, minus the historical baggage. Leah Nicole headlines, presumably with the poise and grace her name suggests, closing out the night like a Netflix binge that leaves you satisfied yet eager for more.


Week 3 Lineup (April 5)

The grand finale in Week 3 begins with the St. Louis Show Choir, offering up choreographed delights that may or may not include jazz hands. The Calcasieu Good Time Family Band is up next, their name a mouthful but promising a toe-tapping, hand-clapping good time likely approved by your grandmother. And last but certainly not the least, Flamethrowers close out the festival. One hopes this is a metaphorical name, or the event's insurance policy just got a lot more complicated.

So there you have it, folks, the Arts & Humanities Council's Live at the Lakefront lineup for 2024: a musical melting pot that offers something for everyone, from alien enthusiasts to choir aficionados. Just remember, the event is as free as a bird, or more accurately, as free as that streaming service account you borrowed from a friend and never returned. Mark your calendars, and maybe bring a chair - it's going to be a wild ride from the comfort of a seated position.

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