After being a headache for almost a year, DOT officials have announced the reopening of most of the 210 bridge. Currently, as of 11/25/19, both lanes of 210 East are open and flowing. The west will remain one lane for now as crews work to finish that side.


The crews working on the bridge are still putting the final touches on the project including striping, lighting, and a few more barriers for the median. The DOT does want to remind travelers at night that some random lane closures could still happen as crews are still handling a few odds and ends. The DOT does not state, at this time, as to when the west bound side of the bridge will be open.

The project is on schedule to be completely finished by January 2020, let's hope they get it all situated in time. Course, that means we are only a few months away from work starting on the I-10 bridge, we can assume.

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