I don't believe we should use words to hurt. I do believe the right words and the wrong time can be a bad thing too. What I do object to is the current state of the country where every word is scrutinized to the point that the intent of the message is lost. That my friends is the danger of political correctness.

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    Foreign Food

    Depending upon where you happen to be at the moment you utter the phrase it could mean a hamburger, fries, and a coke. I once asked for a burger in Denmark and the waiter said, "We don't serve foreign food". I managed to not be offended. The proper term for food not of this nation is now "ethnic cuisine".

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    Founding Fathers

    I do understand that women played as large a part in the creation of this great nation as men did. I don't this term is used with malice against women. I simply see it as a term that described the social reality around the time our country was founded. If I may suggest, "founding mothers" seems to not be a good phrase either. The politically correct version of this phrase is "the founders".

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    Home Ec or Home Economics

    I took this class when I was in school because I wanted to learn how to feed myself. Granted this was generally considered to be a female's only class. It wasn't regulated as all female because last time I looked I was a male. The term describes what the class is all about. It's about the economic intelligence to maintain a stable and successful home. Now we have to call it "Family and Consumer Sciences".

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    I agree it's not something I want to be called but if the shoe were to fit I guess I would be inclined to wear it. This is not to be confused with mental illness. To me psycho means an individual who creates premeditated shenanigans with an intent to disrupt or harm. I guess the psychos were offended so we are now supposed to call those who fit this description "Pathologically High Spirited".

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    When I hear this word I think of Tinkerbell and children's stories. I guess this could be a very hurtful word if used inappropriately. However, it is now inappropriate to use this word to describe Tinkerbell and other mythical creatures of that ilk. The politically correct phrase you must now use is airborne humanoid which possesses magical powers.

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