Shinn had a laundry list of bands he appeared with along with the songs and stories to go along with them. Although Shinn split from the Boogie Kings as a vocalist and trumpeter in 1966, his legacy never left.

GG Shinn 1

Born August 25, 1939 in Franklin, Louisiana, he formed his first band in 1956 called the Flat Tops. In the meantime, the Boogie Kings had been around for almost a year in Eunice, LA.

By 1963, Shinn had been recruited and began to play all over Louisiana and East Texas. The rest, as they say, is a history of amazing music, memories, and a ton of stories Shinn would tell on stage between songs. Although he left, it didn't last too long. Shinn would come back for reunions and festivals to be on stage with the Boogie Kings throughout the years.

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Shinn's wife went to social media to update his fans as his last song played. She thanked all of his fans, family, and friends, saying it wouldn't be long until he would pass.

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