Obviously, it's gumbo season, unless you're a part of this group that eats it year-round, and this weekend I am sure that social media will be full of people showing off their gumbo-making skills. I am also very positive most of the grocery stores around here will run out of all of the good ingredients before Friday evening!

Speaking of ingredients, I am in the club of having my perfect gumbo situation involving Saltine Crackers, boiled eggs, and potato salad IN my gumbo. I like the potato salad to cool the gumbo off, dip my cracker in it, take a bite of egg, and chomp on the cracker. I guess you could call it a ritual. I also really don't care what kind of gumbo I am eating. You really won't hear me complain about it, as long as I didn't have to cook it. I began thinking about the gumbo combinations I have had in the past and the ingredients I have seen go into it. I also discovered my love for having okra in my gumbo is not shared by a lot of people. I also don't believe tomatoes go in gumbo, but I wouldn't mind trying it.

All of this gumbo ingredient thinking got me curious about what other weird things people like in their gumbo. So, we posed the question on the air and asked:

What is the weirdest thing you, or someone you know, has put in a gumbo?

Little did I expect such a weird, yet interesting, list of weird things. Since we took the survey, I have actually tried a few of the suggestions. I would be lying to you if I said the ones I tried weren't delicious! Here is a list of the weird things YOU said you have put in gumbo, or have seen someone put in a gumbo.

  • Ketchup - This is mighty close to tomato, but not saying tomato
  • Crack raw eggs in gumbo while boiling - similar to boiled eggs, but interesting
  • Squirrel head gumbo - Body and all goes in! I assume for flavor.
  • McDonald's french fries - It has to be McDonald's specifically
  • Smoked chicken - This seems like a no-brainer honestly
  • Ball's fried chicken - I'll admit, this is my personal addition and it's glorious!
  • Grits instead of rice - You looked at this one twice, but you're still intrigued, right?
  • White vinegar - I have tried this. I suggest it, just a cap full and it's amazing.
  • anything that can be shot, killed, and skin - Cajun Phil said it best!

If you want to hear the answers for yourself, check the video below for the compilation of the calls we received to tell us the strange things YOU have put in your gumbo!


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