The Lake Charles High School Kilties? The Marion Chargerettes?

How times have changed since Lake Charles celebrated its centennial in 1967.

Video quality has improved a lot, and participation in parades is most certainly different.

Did you notice early in the lineup the truck filled with the wedding party? Or the unit that was something steampunk? I am not sure exactly what that was!

A few things stood out for me.

The United States was deeply involved in the Vietnam War at the time, and we all know how much of the country felt about that. However, there appeared to be impressive military representation in the parade.

Also, I enjoyed seeing the traditional band uniforms and the military style in which they were marching. That's how I remember band when I participated in the late 80's.

And did you notice how intricate those floats looked? In modern day local parades, they all seem very square and cookie-cutter. I thought the ones in the centennial parade were fascinating and regal.

The City of Lake Charles will celebrate its sesquicentennial, 150th anniversary, on Friday when it unearths a time capsule that was buried the very year the centennial parade took place. It's supposed to have all sorts of very interesting things in it, including a recording from then-governor John McKeithen. The time capsule will be opened at City Hall on Ryan Street just before Downtown at Sundown kicks off Friday evening.

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