I've known Eric Trahan, owner of Luxury Limo, for quite a few years now. He has been in the limo business for quite some time, and his company has always stayed on the leading edge of the "hot new thing" that comes out when it comes to transportation. Last year, around this time, he approached me about a bus he'd bought. The idea was to chop the back end off and make it a parade/party bus. Of course, I loved the idea and my brain started thinking of all the fun things we could do with it. As my brain was running, he said, "We need to name it." Lord, what do you name a bus? Loretta had the Coal Miner's Daughter, Merle had the Super Chief, and, at one point, Willie Nelson had Me and Paul (named after Paul English, Nelson's long time drummer).

As I was running through names, Eric smiled at me and said, "Let's call it the Buddy Russ Bus". Dear reader, I've been picked on about being the size of a bus in my earlier school career, but NEVER would I have thought I'd have a bus named after me.

The Amtran bus #112 now had a name. It was time to get to work. This project has taken a year, but now it's time to show it off. She will make her debut this week, starting at the Parking Lot Party at the Lake Charles Civic Center, then it will hold all of Townsquare Media and our sister stations as we jump in on the Merchants' Parade this Friday.

Eric Trahan and Luxury Limo have out done themselves with this project, and it's an honor to have my name plastered on it. Now, I guess I am as big as a bus!

Come see it for yourself!. There's even a rumor that it shoots fire out of the exhaust stacks!