We had the honor of having the amazingly talented Kalie Shorr come into the Gator Studio this morning. We talked about her first job as a hot dog maker (lucky) and her first experience on the stage of the Grand Ol Opry. We played her brand new song "Fight Like a Girl" followed by a live performance as well.


She picked up a guitar at 6 and never looked back. She said she started realizing she could sing by standing in front of the TV singing the "Cheetah Girls" for her parents and family whenever they would get together. Her first musical start was a Nirvana cover band (be still my heart), and learned the 2 main songs every garage band learns first: Smells Like Teen Spirit and Smoke on the Water!


After the interviews and Facebook Live, she stuck around and talked music with Mike and even took a min to take some pictures with us before signing our St. Jude guitars. Go see her tonight at the Golden Nugget Lake Charles along with Sara Evans starting at 8:15pm.


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