The undead in  my neighborhood? Well not exactly. There  is a Zombie Voodoo Fest now scheduled for July 7th and 8th in Beaumont. It'll be a pretty dead event .... and they like it that way!



This actually sounds like a lot of fun and your chance to mingle with a less than LIVEly crew. The event actually pays tribute to the 80th Anniversary of “White Zombie,” the first Zombie movie.The Zombies at this festival will compete in "Hot Zombie Male and Female Model Competition,” zombie survival run and tag competition The winners get cash which I am guessing Zombies use to buy skin grafts. There is the “Thriller” after dark dance party, horror film festival, children’s entertainment area and lots to eat and drink (I would only eat the shrimp and stay away from the Bloody Marie's.) Here is a great video to show how you too can be a zombie. I already have the walk down. I do it as I stumble to the coffee pot every morning.

Click here for tickets.

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