LSU Ladies Ranked #9 Hottest Women on Campus
To celebrate the beginning of the 2012 college football season, ranked 120 colleges across the country in
terms of how hot the women on campus are. I am not agreeing with these rankings! The thing that is the most rediculous is that Ole Miss is ranked ahead of LSU. HAve these idiot…
Isaac Makes Second Landfall in Louisiana
Isaac made landfall this evening as a Category 1 Hurricane just southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River then moved back over open water and wobbled westward. Isaac has now made it's second landfall near Fourchon.
Isaac Update
A is Tropical Storm Waqtch has now been issued for the Cameron Parish coastline. Now is the time to prepare!
Weekend Traffic Alerts
We thought we would save you some aggravation during your weekend
commute. There is road construction and  a DWI check point scheduled
this weekend.

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