There's not too much to go on here, but the skill being shown off by all parties involved is absolutely stunning. Now, I'm no cowboy, but I rank them up there with superheroes, personally. They're the absolute coolest. This video just skyrockets the abilities these guys and gals learn through their days, and how to use those skills in unique ways.

cowboy airboat 3

I don't know why these cows were in the marsh. I read around a bit in the comments and apparently, it's a thing that happens. Some were saying they'll send out dogs to go wrangle them up, but Crowville, Louisiana native, Jeremy Mercer, posted a video of one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

Mind you, for the "real" cowboys out there, this might be second nature. To this fat city boy, it is MIND BLOWING! These boys are on an airboat, chasing cows and ROPING THEM FROM THE AIRBOAT!!!!

I'll just shut up now and show you the video. The skills in navigating the boat and the skills of the roper are just beautiful.

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