Who's ready for shots? No, not those, sadly. During a press conference yesterday, Gov. Edwards made the big announcement that all residents of Louisiana 16 and older can begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccination this Monday, March 29. At first, the criteria was fairly specific for those to be eligible. Edwards remarked that the vaccination process so far has gone quicker than he and his team even thought it would. The new eligibility comes on the heels of the federal government increasing Louisiana's allotment of the vaccine. This means more vaccines are being sent to the state, allowing more residents to get the vaccines easier. Since the introduction of the vaccine to Louisiana, more and more residents are taking it week by week. The trend each week since January has shown progress and promise, but the state has seemed to have a stall due to a certain location.

You know when you did something wrong in class and the teacher has two options to correct it? She could have just pulled you aside and told you to behave, or she could have announced to the entire class how much of a horrible person you are. Dr. Kanter decided to do the latter of the two options. He literally called out Lake Charles as the reason some of the trends have stalled because of an increase in the transmission of the virus in our area. Great, now we won't get the pizza party we were supposed to have this Friday.

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