It happens. You're driving along a stretch of roadway and nature calls. Most of us can hold on to it until we make it to an exit. For one driver traveling over the Bonnet Carre Spillway just west of New Orleans his bathroom break proved to be fatal.

According to State Police Luis Hernandez pulled the truck he was driving to the side of the roadway. He exited the vehicle to urinate off the spillway into Lake Pontchartrain. While his vehicle was stopped on the road way an impaired driver crashed into the stopped vehicle.

The passenger that was sitting in the vehicle that was on the shoulder of the road was killed in the crash. He was not belted.

Joel Ybarra was the driver whose vehicle impacted the parked truck is being held responsible for the death of the passenger.

According State Police Spokesperson Melissa Matey who spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network. A Trooper responding to the scene of the first crash was struck by another vehicle that was operated by an impaired driver.

The officer was wearing a seat belt and only sustained minor injuries as a result of the second crash.

And that driver that hit our trooper was arrested for vehicular negligent injuring and also for reckless operation.

Meanwhile Ybarra ,the driver of the vehicle that struck the parked truck, has been charged with vehicular homicide and careless operation. Hernandez, the driver who stopped to urinate, has charges pending regarding the incident.