These two bears, we only assume they are a mother and her cub, are hungry, and they don't care how close humans are and whether they want to watch them seek out a snack!

We were visiting my brother and his family at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. All of their garbage cans lock, and we were warned not to go out early in the morning without watching because black bears roam around looking for food. Little did we know they would decide to meander around during the midday hours looking for a meal while we were at the community pool. I'm thankful the human were the ones inside a fence at the time!

As you can see in the video, the pair saw us, but were unaffected. They were no more than about 50 to 75 feet from us the whole time. It was a truly exhilarating experience for us. I'm sure it was a disappointing experience for our furry stars of the two minutes. They didn't appear to have gotten more than a mouthful of styrofoam.

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