We've all been there. Wishing that things could have been better, but knowing that just short of going to jail, you're not going to get the closure you need with your wicked, wicked ex. Well, the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center is here to help, and give you a laugh at the same time. For a $20 donation they will catch a salmon, put your ex's name on it, and feed it to Kodi and Yak, who just happen to be bears. Staffers will catch the fish, tag your ex, and serve it up as lunch, complete with photo. This is so awesome.

The promotion was actually started as a Valentines Day fundraiser to pay for food for the bears for a whole year, but the 'Catch & Release' program was so popular that they decided to bring it back next year, so check out their Facebook post below, and start making your list now, lovers!




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