Unless you've been living under a social media rock today, you have seen videos and pictures of Good Morning America on the ground here in Lake Charles. It was a move that journalist Robin Roberts says she wanted the show to do in order to bring awareness of the SWLA area and its post-hurricane recovery.

Chad Moreno, Killer Photography

True to their word, they sure showed up. They began their broadcast this morning at 7:00am from St. Louis High School in Lake Charles. The team shared stories and videos from neighborhoods and dignitaries from around the area.

She walked around a neighborhood with Sheriff Tony Mancuso. Interviews were done with volunteers, students, and local celebrities. Not only did they discuss the Lake Charles area, but even made sure to mention that it's more than just the city of Lake Charles, it's the entire area surrounding it and even into SETX.

Chad Moreno, Killer Photography

My good friend Chad Moreno with Killer Photography was lucky enough to be able to go and capture the broadcast and interviews behind the scenes. You might know his work from concerts or the amazing pictures of our devastated city after Laura made landfall. He was gracious enough to allow us to share some of the behind-the-scenes photos with you from today's broadcast.

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos From SWLA Good Morning America Broadcast