In South Louisiana, people love to party and hang out with friends, listen to live music, and just hang out. Some folks will go to an upscale place while others love those down-to-earth fun dive bars.

When we say dive bars, we don't mean anything negative behind the name. We are talking about those bars that have been around in the area for years here in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana. The dirty, dusty, small joints have a certain atmosphere that you can only get in a good ole dive bar.

We went on Facebook and asked you "What is the best Dive Bar in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana?" You took the question and ran with it and responded with your favorite. We took all your responses and compiled a list of what dive bars you think is the best in Southwest Louisiana and in Lake Charles.

Here are your favorite Dive Bars In Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana.

Marys Lounge 1

Mary's Lounge which is located at 4017 Broad Street in Lake Charles

Hi Rollers which is located at 12089 U.S. Hwy 190 in Kinder

He’s Not Here Lounge which is located at 741 W Dave Dugas Road in Carlyss

Old Town Tavern which is located at 2801 Kirkman Street in Lake Charles

Dakota's which is located at 3430 Ryan Street in Lake Charles

Linda's Lounge which is located at 4338 Lake Street in Lake Charles

Facebook/Bobby Badin
Facebook/Bobby Badin

The number one response when we asked what was your favorite was Linda's Lounge and Mary's Lounge in Lake Charles came in second. Go by and have a drink and enjoy a good old dive bar and support a locally owned watering hole.

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