I think we can all agree that no matter where it comes from King Cake is delicious, but according to OnlyInYourState.com these 17 restaurants "take the cake" when it comes to the best King Cakes in Louisiana.

I've never met a King Cake I didn't like. There's something about the ooey-gooey,  sticky, goodness that has me hooked. I don't know if it's because I only get the sweet taste of King Cake for a few weeks each year, but when Festival Season rolls around I make sure I eat as much King Cake as I can get my hands on.

Honestly, I don't care where it's from, King Cake is always good, but people can get pretty protective over their favorite King Cake spots. So, what are the best restaurants for King Cake in Louisiana? The website OnlyInYourState.com was on a mission to find the top spots on every King Cake lovers list, and they did a pretty awesome job. With Poupart’s Bakery, Lafayette, LAHaydel’s, New Orleans, LARandazzo’s King Cakes, New Orleans, LATiger Deaux-nuts, Baton Rouge, LA, and  Cajun Market Donut Company, Lafayette, LA rounding out the top five best restaurants for King Cakes in the state.

You can check out the full list at OnlyInYourState.com. How do you think they did? Did your favorite King Cake spot make the list?

[via OnlyInYourState.com]

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