Did you blink at that title as many times as I did? I honestly thought it was some sort of satire article I had run across. I started researching this random subject and found it is totally true, and seems to have legs that it could actually happen.

Back in 2013, the FDA found out menthol cigarettes are harder to quit than normal cigarettes. The thought behind this is that younger or new smokers prefer the menthol flavor due to the cooling sensation it gives when inhaled. The less harsh taste means it's easier to start and form a habit versus normal cigarettes. With these facts and that the smoking population is back on the rise, specifically using menthol-flavored tobacco products, the Biden administration wants to eliminate it.

How serious is this ban? The proposal to ban the flavor in cigarettes should be announced this week, with the FDA having to show up in court Thursday to respond to a petition signed by citizens who want menthol-flavored cigarettes banned. The ban would not only stop menthol cigarettes, but any tobacco product with a menthol flavor.

It's not something that will happen overnight. Even if it were to make it past its current situation, the FDA would then have to develop new rules against the menthol-flavor. Once they develop the new regulations, they would then have to hear back from consumers, health experts, and manufacturers about them. This entire process alone could take years to complete. The other issue being brought up is to lessen the amount of nicotine contained in cigarettes.

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