Blake Shelton may have done some pretty significant Taylor Swift teasing from the stage of the ACM Awards last Sunday (April 1), but the comedic star says that, even though the blonde starlet beat him out for Entertainer of the Year, he knows her prize was well deserved given all that she’s done in the past year.

“I hoped I would win, but Taylor deserves it,” Shelton said backstage (quotes via the Boot). “She truly does. I don’t think there’s anybody with half a brain who would stand up here and say otherwise … But I’m always going to make fun of her in my monologues, so she might as well get used to that.”

Always one for a good laugh, Shelton jokingly surmised that since his hopes of glory as the 2012 Entertainer of the Year were dashed, he might as well go back to some of his old ways. ”I’m longing for the days when I was out in the audience drinking my face off,” said this year’s co-host, laughing. ”I’m trying to get fired. I don’t see how Reba does it year after year, because at some point you gotta be a wasteoid. That’s what people expect of musicians, celebrities and stars. I’m ready to step back into that role of being wasted all the time.”

Shelton always has the ability to turn just about any situation into a laugh, though we don’t see a future for the ‘The Voice‘ judge as a wasteoid. His fingerprint was all over this year’s ACMs, as he participated as a host, a nominee and a performer — and let’s not forget his superstar wife Miranda Lambert performing the highly emotional song ‘Over You,’ a song Shelton and Lambert co-penned about the untimely death of Blake’s older brother. He was involved in every aspect of the event this year — well, everything except sitting in the audience drinking.

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