Did we need another flavor of ice cream? Yea, you're right. We always do!

Blue Bell Ice Cream is helping us all celebrate National Ice Cream Day, July 17, by introducing us to their brand new Oatmeal Cream Pie Ice Cream. If you're questioning your own sanity, don't worry, one already exists. Little Debbie has already made a run of this ice cream flavor. Back in 2020, Little Debbie celebrated its 60th anniversary by introducing us to their famous snacks, but in ice cream form. They were mostly a hit, but some did fall a little short of what we imagined the flavor would be.

Now, Blue Bell Ice Cream has decided to say "hold my beer and watch this", by making their own version of it. What's it taste like? Well, we don't really know just yet. Blue Bell really doesn't let us down in flavor town, so spirits are high. What's it taste like though?

According to the Texas ice cream maker, it is an oatmeal-based ice cream with touches of brown sugar, vanilla icing swirl, and oatmeal cookies all in one. The mouth feel of the concoction is said to be akin to eating a homemade oatmeal cream pie in ice cream form. It comes out July 17 and will come in pint and gallon sizes.

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