Personally, I never got in to Harry Potter. However, I have an appreciation of the fact that the books are wildly popular, along with the movies. Books must be read and that means kids must actually read instead of other possibly mind numbing things. Growing up, I discovered biographies and pretty much just lived in the Dolby Elementary library reading them.

A Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee has recently banned their library from hosting the books internally. The reason? The school's priest says that the spells contained in the book series are actual spells and that the children reading them take the risk of actually being able to conjure certain evil spirits. According to an article from NBC News, the priest discussed these spells and issues with Roman exorcists to make sure his theory was correct.

Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
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According to the superintendent of the Diocese, the books are only being removed from the library. Students will still be allowed to bring the books to read at school if they so desire.

Here's your Buddy Russ opinion on this situation. These books have been out since 1997. It did have some controversy the entire time, but it feels that maybe the Priest is a bit late to the party. All this is going to do is raise awareness to the kids that may have never read it, thus creating a new generation of Harry Potter fans. Just wish one of them would conjure up something to clean a dirty apartment.

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