Country music has had a fantastic year so far in 2024, and it appears that things will only get better from here. Recently, country music icon Randy Travis released a video that appears to be a tease for a new song. He didn't give away much information. Still, a lot of fans and even other celebrities think Travis is hinting at new music in the works.

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Randy Travis has one of the best voices country music has ever seen. He hasn't released any type of music since 2021. Travis lost his voice after a near-fatal stroke in 2013. Since the stroke, he has experienced aphasia and struggles with speaking and singing. But the Country Music Hall of Famer has recorded songs that were kept in a vault in the past.

Randy Travis posted a video of himself in the studio on social media on Monday. In the brief video, he is seen seated in front of a mixing board while background music is muffled. He reaches over and presses a button, bringing up a clearer version of the music. Travis' was just sitting in silence nodding along to the beat of the music while suspiciously smiling into the camera.

The Heroes and Friends Tribute to Randy Travis was hosted in Huntsville, Alabama, by Travis' team back in 2023. His wife Mary Travis revealed that new music was coming at a press conference held in conjunction with the occasion. View more from that press conference by CLICKING HERE.

Months later, it appears that the music is ready to be released.

Here's Cody Johnson's reaction to the post...

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