Ever wanted to own an entire town and live your dreams like the Rose family, minus the tax fraud? Now you can own your very own homage to Schitt's Creek and purchase this town called Water Valley!

The town blossomed back in the late 1800's becoming famous for its orchard trees. Sadly, it began to die off as cedar trees were introduced into the area and brought in a fungus that killed the orchards. The final nail in the coffin for the town was when the railroad was removed in the 1930's. It went from the hub of the area to a ghost town quickly after its removal.  Now it sits and waits for life once again as it sits for sale.


The town is no longer an actual town, it no longer is incorporated. In fact, it is not considered to be part of Williamsport, TN. It no longer has its own post office, but who says we all can't pretend?


The land is 7 acres total, 4 general stores, a stock barn, and a view of the Leiper's Creek. All of the electrical and plumbing have been totally updated and the area can be used for commercial or residential property. It also has picnic areas, parking, and Mulberry trees. You can own it all and be your own mayor for $725,000. You'll have to rough it for a while until you build out one of the stores, but it could be worth it in the long run. Realtor Christa Swartz told USA Today that she has had non-stop calls about the property from buyers and even possible TV and Movie networks wanting to look into the property for the future.

Take a look at the gallery below, and if you buy it I want to be invited!

Water Valley, Tenn Town For Sale