Yesterday we reported that we had learned that our buddy and Cajun music star had suffered a stroke over the weekend. He was playing a concert back on Friday, October 27th, 2023 when after the show he went to the hospital after not feeling very well and that is when he learned he had suffered a stroke.

The Cajun music musician, singer, and songwriter has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years now, and of course when the news broke yesterday, his friends, family, and his fans were concerned about his well-being.

We here at the radio station also were concerned about our friend as we have been a huge supporter of Damon throughout the years. We thought about it yesterday after hearing the news and remembered all the things we have teamed up to do together.

Damon Troy
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We have been playing Damon's music and supporting his career for many years now. We have done several concerts with him here in Lake Charles, had Damon do a backstage pass where he played for our listeners here at the station, and even took our listeners on a Caribbean cruise with Damon Troy so we were worried about our good buddy.

Good news though, Damon Troy went on Facebook yesterday to give all his friends, family, and fans an update on his condition and posted it on Facebook. Here is what Damon had to say.

That's great news and we pray for Damon's speeding and complete recovery. We love you boss and will be praying for you.

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