The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP) has been approved once again for Calcasieu Parish. This time around, it is for parishes impacted heavily by the ice storm that froze half of Louisiana in February. The program we should all be familiar with by now is for those who or need help with groceries or cannot afford them due to the storm that swept across our area.

It's a heck of a process for it to be approved. The state has to ask the government to start the process, the President has to activate the Stafford Act, then each parish must ask for assistance followed by specifically DSNAP assistance. When I found out about the benefits being available, I did find it odd that it's just now a being approved over a month later. Now it makes sense as to why.

In total, 23 parishes have been approved for DSNAP benefits after dealing with outages to water and power for an extended period of time. All residents are eligible to apply unless you are already receiving SNAP benefits. You must register first, unless you have already registered as of March 2020. To begin, you can start with the pre-registration process.

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