Are you tired of the same old same old when you head to work? Are you unhappy with your current career? Have you been looking to make a career change? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then we have some good news for you.

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has announced that they are hiring for several positions within the organization. The jobs range from engineering to public works, mosquito control, animal services, and facility management.

In the engineering department, The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is looking for an Assistant Parish Engineer and a Utility Technician in the public works division.

Asian Tiger Mosquito
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In the division of mosquito control, The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury is looking to hire a Spray Truck driver and a Pest Control Assistant.

In the Animal Services division, they are looking to find some great people for Animal Care Technicians for part-time and full-time. They are also hiring a few Animal Services Officers and they are offering Full and Part Time positions. They are also looking for a Shelter Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician.

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Under their Facility Management umbrella, they are looking to hire a professional Intern and they said that Accounting or construction management is preferred.

So there you go. The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has a ton of openings they are looking to fill. if one of these above jobs listed is for you, then log onto The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury website by clicking here to apply.  

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