It's the holiday season and folks all over Southwest Louisiana and the Lake Charles area are getting out of the house and going to a bunch of holiday parties or hanging out with family. Traffic gets pretty thick this time of the year which means we have to be diligent while on the roadways.

Plus with the holidays come holiday parties where people may decide to have a few drinks or if you are just getting together with family, you may decide to have a couple of drinks too. If so, making a plan of action is always wise.

There are so many different ways to make sure that you can have some fun while still getting home safely and not getting behind the wheel and driving. You can get a rideshare, or taxi, or have a designated driver. All of these are good plans. Even though you may feel like you can drive, remember buzz driving is still drunk driving.

Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season
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The Calcasieu Parish Sherriff's Office has announced that they will be conducting a DWI Checkpoint during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Here is what they had to say.

In a continuing effort to keep the citizens of Calcasieu Parish safe, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a DWI checkpoint at an undisclosed location in the parish on Friday, December 29.


This checkpoint will target individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, which has been proven to be very effective in discouraging citizens from driving while impaired and people are more likely to designate a driver when they know sobriety checkpoints are being conducted.


This checkpoint is funded by a grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

NTSB Recommends States Reduce Blood Alcohol Level Threshold For Drunk Driving Offenses
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Please be safe this holiday season and enjoy your friends and family this year.

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