How does Cam Jordan feel about Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert?

The Saints defensive end definitely said what anyone from Louisiana would say about the Chargers QB when a reporter asked him what stood out the most on film.

The rookie quarterback was born in Eugene, Oregon so his last name is definitely of the HER-bert variety. Couple that with the fact that Cam Jordan has been in New Orleans for over a decade now, so any Louisinianian can relate to how frustrating it was for him to hear what is considered a "mispronunciation" of a very common last name in our area.

Not to mention that "Hebert" is the namesake of Saints legend and leader of the Who Dat Nation, Bobby Hebert.

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Herbert was selected 6th overall by the Los Angeles Chargers in the 2020 NFL Draft and was thrown into the starting role after the coin toss of Los Angeles' Week 2 matchup vs. the Kansas City Chiefs after team doctors accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor's lung while administering an injection.

While Cam may have joked about his last name not being "AY-bear" the Saints aren't taking the rookie lightly, as defensive back PJ Williams noted that he didn't have much film being so new to the game, but they are definitely prepared for the Monday Night Football matchup.

He has a big arm and has made some good throws in the time he's in and definitely getting comfortable in that system. So, definitely looking at a challenge.

Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen echoed Williams by calling Herbert a "really good player" and future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees also tipped his hat toward Herbert's rookie performance thus far.

Some of the throws I've seen him make over the last few weeks have been pretty impressive. And obviously, he's a big athlete who can do a lot of things, both with his arm and with his legs. And it seems like you're asking him to do a lot, which shows his versatility.

One advantage for the rookie QB is that he won't have 70,000+ Who Dats screaming at the top of their lungs to rattle his concentration, making it virtually impossible to call audibles at the line.

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