Last week, the Southwest Louisiana Association of Realtors presented voters with an opportunity to meet the candidates that will be on the ballot in a few weeks. They were also offered an opportunity to ask the candidates questions during a public forum.

A massive group attended the public forum last Thursday. It is said that over 400 locals were in attendance for the event. The event would allow the community to and voters to get out and visit with each candidate and get to talk one-on-one with each candidate.

The event featured comments from candidates running for Sheriff, Judge, and Police Juror in Calcasieu Parish and Lake Charles.

The night began with a meet-and-greet that lasted over 2 hours, and after that, the forum began.

The event was streamed live on Facebook, and if you missed the opportunity to attend, you can check it out here:

Here is a list of Candidates in Calcasieu Parish:
BESE District 7
Cathy Banks (R)
Kevin Berken (R)
Erick Knezek (R)

State Senator 25th District
Mark Abraham (R)
Josh Lewis (D)

State Senator 27th District
Jeremy Stine (R)

State Senator 30th District
Mike Reese (R)

State Representative 32nd District
Dewith Carrier (R)

State Representative 33rd District
Les Farnum (R)

State Representative 34th District
Wilford Carter Sr. (D)
Kevin Guidry (D)
Franklin Lewis Sr. (D)

State Representative 35th District
Brett Geymann (R)

State Representative 36th District
Philip Tarver

State Representative 37th District
Troy Romero (R)

State Representative 47th District
Ryan Bourriaque (R)

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court (ES 1, Div. F)
Sa’Trica Williams Bensaadat (D)
Bobby Holmes (D)

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court (ES 2, Div. C)
Bill Cutrera (R)
Brad Guillory (R)
Mark Judson (R)

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff
Dustan Abshire (R)
Les Blanchard (R)
Elizabeth Carrier (D)
Stitch Guillory (No party)
Bradley Moss (I)
Mike Reid (R)

Clerk of Court
Lynn Jones (No party)

Tax Assessor
Wendy Aguillard (I)

Terry Welke (No party)

Police Juror District 1
Reath Chauvin (R)
Darby Quinn (R)

Police Juror District 2
Shawntel Carter-Willis (D)
Emile Fontenot (D)
Mike Smith (D)

Police Juror District 3
Eddie Earl Lewis Jr. (D)
Shelly Mayo (D)

Police Juror District 4
Mack Dellafosse Jr. (D)
Tony Guillory (D)

Police Juror District 5
Brian Abshire (R)

Police Juror District 6
Ron Hayes (R)

Police Juror District 7
Chris Landry (No party)

Police Juror District 8
Mary Kaye Eason (R)
Emily Fenet-Parker (R)
Scott Washington (R)

Police Juror District 9
Anthony Bartie (D)
Felicia Frank (D)

Police Juror District 10
Tony Stelly (R)

Police Juror District 11
Roger Marcantel (R)

Police Juror District 12
Judd Bares (R)

Police Juror District 13
Joe Andrepont (R)

Police Juror District 14
Randy Burleigh (R)

Police Juror District 15
Tony Tramonte (R)

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