A total of $181.8 million at the box office gives the Captain America: Civil War the fifth-biggest opening weekend ever!

I saw the XD showing at Cinemark in Lake Charles over the weekend. Best Marvel movie so far! Love these characters, and it's difficult watching the feud. I'm team Cap, but the Russo brothers did a great job presenting both sides.

Spider-Man is excellent! A likable, age appropriate, and talented Dynamo. He kinda steals the show when he's on screen.

I'm seeing "Civil War" two more times this week with family. There is way too much to absorb in watching just one showing.

The Captain America Trilogy is by far the best ever. Though I loved Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, only 1 out of 3 was a great movie. The Winter Soldier and Civil war are two of the best ever, and they set up future movies for Spider-man, The Black Panther and Avengers 3 perfectly.

Just like when I was a kid reading comics, Marvel is still the best. I encourage you to fit a trip to Cinemark somewhere in your plans this week or weekend!