Go Google celebrities singing the National Anthem, you'll find some bad ones in there. The most recent, newsworthy, example being Fergie. Carrie Underwood will NOT be in that category. The Anthem is not the easiest song to sing. It's always scrutinized and gone over with a fine tooth comb when performed when a celebrity sings it. There have been some amazing renditions of it, like Whitney Houston's version that is pretty much the industry standard for amazing performances.

Courtesy of Fox Sports South YouTube
Courtesy of Fox Sports South YouTube

Carrie stepped out on to the ice in Nashville to sing the National Anthem for the Predators Sunday. Pete Weber, the voice of the Nashville Predators, pumps the crowd up as he announced her on the ice as a "long time Predator fan". The crowd goes silent, she puts the microphone to her lips, and off she goes... acapella!

No music, no weird "lounge singer" style bass-line, no gimmicks. Just her, a microphone, and a crowd of Predator fans.

Take note future celebrity National Anthem singers, this is how it's done!


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