Carrie Underwood went a different direction on social media recently when she tried out a face-swapping app with her husband, Mike Fisher, and we're slightly terrified.

At first, the brain grapples to understand what’s staring back from the screen. Does Fisher have a mullet? Has Underwood grown a beard? But soon, the horror sets in and it’s clear what has happened … the two have exchanged faces. Even Underwood admits it's the stuff of nightmares in her hashtags, which included #idontlikeit, #weird, #scary and #neveragain.

Dear Carrie, please stick to tour photos, cute snaps of Isaiah and fitness posts on Instagram — things that won't haunt us in our sleep.

Underwood and Fisher seem to always have fun together, which is a testament to the friendship that bonds their love. The couple was married in 2010 and had their son Isaiah in February 2015. Just because they’ve been married half a decade doesn’t mean the fire’s not still alive, though. Underwood says for her, romance nowadays looks more like thoughtfulness than rose petals on the bed, especially know that she’s juggling motherhood, wifehood and country stardom.

“I’m the kind of person that’s like, ‘Aw, you changed the light bulb in the bathroom. Thank you.’ Or ‘You took the trash out. Aw.’ ‘Oh, my gosh, you emptied the dishwasher, yay! I don’t have to do it now.’” she recently told People. “I like that stuff. Everyday stuff.”

The artist has also said she doesn’t need much to create that special moment, as she reflects in her tune “Heartbeat." "I just want to be alone with him, and be one on one,” Underwood says.

She recently wrapped her Storyteller Tour and will head out later this year on Keith Urban’s Ripcord Tour for his dates in Australia and New Zealand. Underwood also performed her latest single “Church Bells” at the CMT Awards in early June, and it was the only performance of the night to earn a standing ovation.

We won't be standing to clap for this face swap.

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