In the past, you park in the middle of nowhere and walk or catch a ride to the gates at the airshow in Lake Charles. Now, things are going to be just a touch different this year. Trying to make it all work, the Chennault International Airshow is allowing guests to drive right on in and enjoy the show from their tailgates. You can watch the famous Blue Angels right from the back of your trunk or truck bed this year.

The show is June 5 and 6, and will feature three ticket tiers. The top tier will get you the greatest comforts of access including beverage vendors, food trucks, and restrooms with air conditioning. From there, you lose a little of the comforts with the cheapest not letting you purchase food or beverages from the vendors that will be on site. Plus, the view will not be as great with the lowest ticket price.

Ranging from $150 down to $50, is there really going to be a bad place to be for an airshow? After all, you're just looking straight up. Each spot is 25x25, $50 is 20x25, and all three tickets allow you to bring your own ice chests. On top of that, the ticket price is per vehicle, not per person. So pile up the truck and combine your couch change for an airshow in Lake Charles with the Blue Angels. You must pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time.

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