The Chennault International Airshow is coming to Lake Charles June 5th and 6th and we have found out that the show is sold out. Yep there are no more tickets to be had for the upcoming popular event in Lake Charles.

The show will feature all sorts of planes doing death defying stunts in the air plus displays and interactive events for air show goers.

Set to perform at this years show are the Unites States Navy Blue Angles based out of Pensacola, Florida.  They Blue Angels is the nation’s oldest formal aerobatic team and they will be performing right here in Lake Charles.

Also scheduled  to perform are the F-22 Raptor, Liberty Jump Team, Aeroshell, Navy Leap Frogs, and the US Army Golden Nights. They are also going to have the Shockwave jet truck, and a C-47 out on display.

There will be food rucks out there so that you can get your eat on while enjoying two days for family fun. There are three different zones for fans to attend the show and a RV location as well.  All those tickets however are sold out!.

Since the show is completely sold out, our advice is to find a spot around the Chennault air filed and watch from a far.

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