We first heard about the famous Chicken Salad Chick coming to Lake Charles a month or two ago. What started out of a home kitchen has grown into a large franchise offering a wide variety of homemade-style chicken salads. The Lake Charles location is part of over 230 stores nationwide.

The Lake Charles location will be at 3721 Nelson Road and will be serving up over a dozen varieties of chicken salads in various combinations from traditional sandwiches to served on a plate with sides. You can choose from a huge variety of flavors including Dixie Chick, Classic Carol, Sassy Scotty, Barbie-Q, and many more. The sides also can include a salad and even a soup to go along with it all.

attachment-Chicken Salad Chick 1

The Chicken Salad Chick will be open across from Avail with their grand opening on November 1. They will have various deals and even an entire week of giveaways.

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