The Toy Story franchise has turned out quite a few hits in the music world with Randy Newman at the helm. With Toy Story 4, he is back in action, working on composing the score for the movie and writing new songs. Of course, we won't really be able to hear any of it until the movie hits theaters, but Chris Stapleton leaked out his contribution to the newest movie.

Newman wrote the song about Woody but tapped Stapleton to sing it. Obviously, Stapleton and Newman have a very contrasting style of writing and singing, but this might be my new favorite song to hum through the day. The song sounds very much like a Randy Newman song until Stapleton starts to sing. He drags out the notes, sliding lazily across them. The song almost sounds like the songs cowboys would sing in the movies while gathered around a campfire at night.

If I wasn't ready to see the movie before, I totally am now!

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