Chris Young's "Sober Saturday Night" video tells the story of a man trying to get over an ex-girlfriend. Written by Young, Brad Warren and Brett Warren, the poignant video brings the slowed ballad to life.

The song includes guest vocals by Vince Gill, who is a hero of Young's and someone he knew had to be featured on the song.

“As we were going into the studio I knew I wanted someone to guest on ‘Sober Saturday Night’ for the guitar solo and harmonies,” Young shares. “Vince Gill was the perfect person for the song, and I was humbled when he agreed to be on it. I’ve always been a fan of his voice and his guitar playing and he killed it.”

The "Sober Saturday Night" video was directed by David Poag and was filmed in Culleoka and Columbia, Tenn. While Young sings the emotional ballad, a couple's heartbreaking story is revealed.

At the video's start, a young man is shown alone, hungover, in his bed as he acts out the lyrics in the song. "I feel terrible / Sunlight's hurting my eyes / So I pull the shades and I make my place as black as night," Young sings.

Meanwhile, the man has flashbacks of fun nights out dancing with his ex and Sundays spent together in bed. As he goes about his day, crossing off days on his calendar and drinking coffee alone at his kitchen table, the pain he has is evident in his face. Later that night, a drunken bar fight ensues with a guy his ex is talking to.

The story takes a surprising and heartbreaking turn toward the end, so be sure to watch the "Sober Saturday Night" video in its entirety.

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