Here is where we recap all of the sadness that was 2020. Everything got canceled, everything was horrible, but now here we are seeing things begin to open back up. Live music is beginning to creep its way back into our lives, but there is one style of event that we in SWLA are really missing. Mention the word festival to anyone in the area and their ears will instantly perk up.

This morning, I received the press release for Chuckfest 2021. It might have been the fastest I have ever read in my life. Chuckfest took a break last year due to the whole pandemic thing, and it was unsure when it might make it back on to the streets of downtown Lake Charles. The festival started out small, but as of 2019, the totally free festival hosted 52 live music acts over six stages in the downtown area. To say it was the festival's biggest year in 2019 would be an understatement.

Now, it is coming back and should be exactly what the residents of SWLA need. No entertainment has been announced yet, but you can bet they will not stray from the local entertainer focus. According to the release, they will be releasing more information about this year's event as we get closer.

Go ahead and mark your calendars for October 16, 2021.

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