The song on the radio might suggest we're all dreaming of a white Christmas but here in Louisiana we often have to just hope it's cold enough to wear a coat. There have been many December's where the holiday shopping rush was completed in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. Thanks to the passing of an Arctic cold front a few days ago, it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

The colder weather really does have an effect on the mindset of shoppers at Christmastime.

It gets people out shopping more. Hopefully our local stores will get to see that benefit this weekend while it's cold.

Dr.Michelle Moore is a clinical psychologist with LSU Health Sciences Center. She told the Louisiana Radio Network that there is a definite connection between cold weather, Christmas, and the spirit of the season.

I think the colder it gets, yes, and if we see a few snow flurries, then we'll really feel the Christmas spirit.I think stores will be busy this weekend and the cold weather will bring everybody inside in a good way.

Perhaps this is all part of our Christmas expectation. Those expectations are also the reason that many people get depressed around the holidays. We all seem to have in our head what the "perfect Christmas" should feel like, look like, and be like. Often times reality falls well short of our expectations.

The good news is that the colder weather does help with the expectation of a winter wonderland. That chill you feel on the outside might be just enough to warm you on the inside.