As most of us know, Louisiana folks and drinking go hand in hand, especially when there is a challenge.

The LSU Tigers Baseball Team advanced to the 2023 College World Series last weekend with a  win over Kentucky in the Super Regional. The Tigers are slated to take on Tennessee Saturday at 6:00, but the games have already started in Omaha.

Each year, the College World Series is held in Omaha, Nebraska. The games typically get started WELL before the actual games on the field are set to begin. Right across the street from Charles Schwab Field, there is a local pizza joint called Rocco's Pizza & Cantina. A few years ago, the owners came up with a GENIOUS marketing idea, a College World Series SHOT CHALLENGE.

UPDATE on the shot count as of Sunday morning, June 18th, 2023


LSU fans are killing it. You can follow the official shot count on Rocco's Facebook page HERE.

HOW IT WORKS: Each year, every school that makes the College World Series is put up on a whiteboard. For every Jello-O Shot that is purchased, you tell the bartenders to who to add the tally, and your shot counts towards your team. The school that purchases the most Jello-O shots throughout the College World Series WINS.

Mississippi State broke the record in 2021 with around 3,000 shots sold, that was until Ole Miss SHATTERED the record in 2022 downing over 18,000 Jell-O shots.

Last year the shots cost $4.50 EACH, which means Rocco's made over $81,000 just off of Ole Miss fans. Now, the majority of the proceeds are donated to Food Banks.

This year, Rocco's has announced that they would be upping the price of the Jell-O shots to $5.Instead of only rewarding the winning schools, the owner wanted all of the schools to receive some of the donations. Rocco's reached out to each of the eight teams in the field to see which food bank they would like to donate their donations to.

As you could imagine, once you get a ton of Cajuns in the same area, it is bound to turn into a party. With LSU in town, you know those fans are as competitive as they come and the record is definitely on notice. After Day One, LSU is holding a COMMANDING lead over the other seven teams in the field.

The shot challenge is updated every day on Twitter at 12:00, 5:00, and 9:00. You can keep up with the challenge by CLICKING HERE.

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