We have just finished celebrating Halloween. For a lot of us, that's the holiday where we seek out scary things before they can seek out us. I have never been a fan of scary things. I don't like to be scared. Even worse, I hate to be startled. In fact, the only time I ever jump during any of those teen slasher movies is when one of the on-screen characters makes a sudden movement.

TiktokVidz via YouTube

Okay, that's professional scaring that we see in the movies. On the social media app Tik Tok, that's where we come across the "amateur" scaring. In most cases, amateur scaring is a lot more fun than professional scaring. That's because we know the amateurs are really scared and their reaction is genuine.

We have a compilation video of some of the better " I Feel Good" pranks loaded up for you later in this article. That way if you're already familiar with the prank and how it operates you can just scroll on down.

One of the trends on the social media platform Tik Tok is to film friends, family, co-workers, or even total strangers as they react to a sudden influx of James Brown. In particular, is the sudden sonic blast of Brown's iconic hit  I Feel Good.

If you're not familiar with the song, then you need to get out more. Because just about every party band plays it and you can hear it at almost every wedding reception. The song starts with a very husky throated scream from Brown before he bursts into the lyrics "I feel good".

When you're on the dance floor or in a club, you expect to hear James Brown. However, if you're changing a light bulb, working on a dishwasher, walking into a dark room, or cooking that last thing you want and need to hear is James Brown screaming at the top of his lungs.

Tiktokvidz via YouTube

As you might imagine when James Brown goes off, that's when hilarity ensues, especially if the victim of the prank has their mind on another task. There are apparently hundreds if not thousands of versions of the "I Feel Good" prank available online. If you're looking for a little levity for this day, here are just a few of the more enthusiastic participants.


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