What is the secret to tailgating in the rain?

There seemed to be an underlying theme of "good food and great people" as the key to surviving a rainy day of tailgating, but something tells me whether it's pouring down rain or the sun is shining bright these fans are always having the time of their lives. Most of these super-fans have been tailgating at McNeese games for over twenty years, now, that's dedication to your team! Oh, and did I mention the tailgating food was amazing? Gumbo is one of my rainy day favorites and I'm still not 100% sure what a skinny or a fatty is, but they were delicious. It might have been a little dreary, but with food like that it's impossible not to be cheery.

Is it the gumbo, drinking games, close friends, or all of the above? Or, maybe, the secret to tailgating in the rain is the unwavering spirit that comes along with being a McNeese Cowboys fan.

One thing is for sure, rain or shine these fans are always down for a good time!


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