The 79th Annual SW District Livestock Show and Rodeo was a great success,as always. February 3rd was Gator Night, and we asked the audience to make their best paper airplane, write their name on it, and during intermission, throw it into the back of the Hurricane Off-Road truck as it pulled the P&P Trailer Sales utility trailer and Loan Oak Smoker.

As the truck drove around the vast arena, planes were flying around like the Houston Airport. As it pulled back to the center of the coliseum, we could see the back of the truck full of various well-made airplanes. P&P pulled 3 airplanes at random from the bed of the truck, and we began to gave away the prizes!


3rd Place - 4 pack of tickets to Lundi Gras at Cowboys on Feb 12- Won by Bennett Perkins! Congrats Bennett, we know you were too busy rodeo-ing to come take a picture, but we will be calling you to come pick up your tickets.


2nd Place - 4 Pack of tickets to Moody Gardens - Won by James Planchard


1st Place - Lone Star Smoker provided by P and P Trailer Sales in Rose City Texas - Charles Pfister


Congrats to the winners during Gator Night, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Cant wait to see you next year!


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