The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (CPSO) will be hitting the streets tonight somewhere in the parish and setting up a combination DWi and Seatbelt checkpoint.

The checkpoint tonight is part of the "Buckle Up In Your Truck" campaign going on right now.  The checkpoint is set up to deter people from drinking and driving and to encourage folks to designate a driver instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

The Sheriff's office will be looking for impaired drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.  They will also be looking for people not wearing their seatbelt.

So be prepared tonight if you are going out for a few drinks.  You will be stopped and given a field sobriety test and if you are deemed to be under the influence you will be arrested.

So to be safe designate a driver and be careful.  No one wants to become a statistic.

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