Last night was the Sprint cup's annual race at Daytona during the 4th of July weekend. Fans at the track and people at home had to endure a three hour rain delay before the race officially started.

Around 10pm Central time, I turned on NBC to see what was going on with the race to my surprise it what just starting!  I was happy about that.  Dale Jr swapped the lead with Jimmie Johnson and a few other drivers all night but Junior charged at the end to win the race.

While I was happy for Junior, who is my driver, I was terrified for the race car drivers behind him as they crossed the finish line.  At these large speedway tracks, fans and drivers are always concious about the wrecks or at these kind of tracks they call them "The Big One".  Wel as soon as Dale Jr crossed the finish line to win the race, "The Big One" happened.

In this video you will see cars start wrecking behid the leaders.  Then you see Driver Austin Dillion who drives the #3 Bass Pro Shop car take flight and go from 180 MPH to a dead stop crashing into the fence that separates the track from the spectators.

Lucky Dillion walked away from the crash unhurt and just 4 or 5 spectators had to be treated for monir injuries due to flying debris.  Check out this crash!

Wow isn't that just crazy!  I am glead no one was hurt!

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