Local Country artists, Dani LaCour and Briana Lanette, decided to have a play date with their six-month-olds. The two recently met and have become close. They decided to have a play date for the babies while the moms played some music. The result? One of the greatest songs I have personally ever heard.

The song is about a recently single mother reaching out to her mom, asking her questions that only a mother could answer. As the song goes on, the single mother breaks down and starts to ask her mother if you can die from a broken heart. We have all been there, asking mom for help and advice, and these ladies have absolutely nailed all of those feelings into one song.

If you have a chance to ever see Dani LaCour, Briana Lanette, or both at the same time live, do not hesitate to go. You will be in heaven and the angels will be singing Country music.

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